Im thinking of learning electric guitar. But im not to sure what to look for in a electric guitar.

I have a budget of around £100- £150 and would like this to include and amp.

I have been looking at the packages on http://www.guitar.co.uk/electric_guitar_starter_packages but am unsure if they are any good or not.

Are there any other guitars or websites that you recomend.

starter packages serve only one purpose and that is to ruin your motivation

get a roland microcube, so youll get a decent amp atleast, and some guitar that you can afford, for example http://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_squier_bullet_strat_rw_bk.htm

get it from thomann.de and itll be £151
its a very good online shop for music stuff

it will be way better than any of those starter packs
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Packages arnt the best options, Go into your local music store and ask them what deals they can do you, atleast you can try the guitar out first? make sure ur comfortable etc
My personal opinion is that you're not gonna get anything really all that great with that budget if you want an amp along with the guitar... I'd try for at least 300 (If I do my conversions right). But that's just me. But, since that is your budget, I'd say... Either the Epiphone or Squier packages are your best bets. They last, and they aren't bad for beginners. They're only like 10 over your budget, so it probably would be best to try and get that extra 10 and go for it. You'll be glad you did.
a starter pack should do absolutely fine, both me an my brother got one, i decided to keep playing and he didn't. So if you decide that you won't keep playing then you haven't wasted a lot of money. Also I used a starter pack for the first year and a half, there is really nothing wrong with those guitars they do the job, and that is let you learn without spending loads
fender and or squire strat is great for beginners i think
that's my first guitar
and they play very easy
and sound great
totaly stylin too
and some are pretty low cost
i have an ibanez rg i never play anymore if you'd like to buy it? i'd sell it for 150 us dollars and pay shipping if youd like? i'm always willing to help those looking to start
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