i know i signed up in 07
but how do do you make those little saying things under what you post
and list your gear??

"some saying about guitars

Epiphone SG special
Squire strat mini"

like stuff like that
do you just type it every time or what?
It's called a signature. Go to the user control panel on the top right of the screen, and go to "edit signature". And improve your grammar.
Grammar doesn't truly matter... unless you can not understand the person, and or persons in which you are speaking with.
Quote by domaraq
I think i achieved my goal of this thinggy under da names.

The lack of "thingy" under your post is worrying and humourous.
what about now...
music is like candy
you get rid of all the rappers
And consider making it slightly smaller, not really a rule... well I think mods will warn you if it's to big. But it's big none the less, consider making the font size smaller? And use capitals, etc. when needed that is. It's just neater, and people will actually take you seriously.

RIP John Bonham

Squire Strat Mini
Epiphone SG
Gitano acoustic elec
Random acoustic guitar

drive amp...

Pearl set

Your grammer is appalling.

And I don't think the mods will ban you. They might warn you but there is a reason there is a cap on the amount of characters.
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Sig quotes can't be raised in captivity as you are trying to do, they must be taken from their natural environment, the vast plains of the pit for them to be truly beautiful

B# and E# exist. IN THEORY.
Prove me otherwise on your guitar.