i got told this in all of my local guitar shops.
are they jus trying to get me to buy one
or is it actually just a closer Gibson copy than an Epiphone?
does it matter if its 'closer to a Gibson copy than an epiphone'? imo
just test it out if it feels better to play with then get it.
well it does matter to those who want a gibson and cant afford one
i really like both the guitars and iv tried them both out and i like them both
i just wanted to no which one was a closer gibson copy.
if youre going for the 'look' then its all up to you.
epiphone copies gibson pretty damn well imo
epiphone will be closer to the gibson in both looks and dimensions because they are built from the same dimensions, i think iots only a subtle difference in head stock design on the epiphones that mark them out at a glance...

as for the Tokai, people on here say good stuff about them, but its whatever plys best IS best, not what looks closer to a "Gibson" get what plays best, or once you grow out of you "gibson is best" phase, you'll be pissed.
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Unless you're checking out the higher end Epiphones, the Tokai is probably better. Note the probably, not necessarily.

The MIJ Tokai, specially the "Love Rock" model, is highly regarded. As pointed out by most people, you have to audition the guitar, compare it to the other model that you like, then decide which one's for you. The cool thing about the MIJ LP copies and the MIJ Epi models for the domestic Japanese market is that they all sport the "correct" headstock.

Although the other Epi models are awesome Bang for the $$$, some people don't like the chopped headstock ...

^ agreed. if it's a japanese-built tokai, it's probably of similar (if not better, if it's one of the higher models) quality to a gibson. if it's a chinese- or korean-built tokai, it's probably of similar quality to epiphone.
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