I have a 12 string guitar and whenever I'm tuning it, it will ALMOST be perfect on an "E" or an "A" or any other string for that matter, but then it wil just jump, like judder suddenly and go too high or low and it's hard to get it dead on the note I want...
Any advice on stopping this?
check and see if they are wound cleanly and correctly around the tuning pins.
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nope, no problems there, it's perfctly wound around each one :/
Thank you anyway.
Use pencil lead in the grooves of your nut

There is a thing on how to make nut lube somewhere...

I will look around

Edit: Couldnt find the "how to make you own" but found this

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Hey thanks alot!
Someone had already said that but I thought I'd come on here and see if someone else did before I went taking the strings off!