As the name suggests im looking to trade my Squier Sunburst Strat not sure of the year but the code is SN IC99O24121 Made in Indonesia. I bought this last year and since then has been barely used. No damage to the front but a few scratches on the back as shown in the picture. Also the guitar has a maple fretboard and the classic 70's Headstock.

Idealy im looking for a Explorer not too fussed about the make but i am open to all offers

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$90 plus shipping?

EDIT: your in england well then this was a free bump for you I guess
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it's gonna be quite hard for you to get an explorer for a squier strat.

if it's still unsold in 3 weeks time, PM me
I am not too interested in the guitar, but in pic #3 is that girl topless?

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If you were to sell it how much would you be looking for?

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120-130 its perfect with an emg81 in the bridge but i play grunge not metal so i need a single coil
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Squier frankenbass
LTD Deluxe EC-1000 in Vintage Black
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