Looking for a 2 channel amp, with separate EQ's for both, preferably (but not a necessarily) with reverb, and a foot switch, similar to the specs of the valve king or the Randall RG50tc

Must have enough gain to play metallica, metalcore such as caliban, but also having decent cleans.

Valveking 112: Reviews indicate "not nearly enough gain for a decent metal tone"

Randall RG50tc: Reviews on harmony central indicate "good if youre just starting out but absolute ****e if your looking for a good proffessional tone. It's the cheapest 50w tube combo on the market at the moment and now we know why. Don't Buy! Don't Buy! Don't Buy! and "...but the RG50TC's tone is thin and disappointing."

so here now my problem, The valveking dosent have enough gain, and the really bad reviews of the RG50TC have scared me... are they wrong? or is there a better option for around the same price

...ESP f-250 is my guitar...
im kind of wondering the same thing..

i was under the impression that the randall is good for metal?

Edit: i just realized this is in the wrong forum. i clicked on it from the home page

try and gear and accessory forum, or whatever it is called..
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