Crit for Crit!!

Pour all the things you want me to do into a paper cup,
I’ll drink it eventually.
I’m to busy trying to get out of the alleyways of my young mind.

Can you look at today,
and tell me why it doesn’t resemble yesterday?
I guess time is getting older too.

Nothing is ever as it seems,
and it’s not okay with me,
but it’s something I have to get used to.
At least for now, because it’s not going to change.

The water in the sea seems like it’s getting to old to swim.
The wind is up their in age too.
Mother Nature is getting grey now that I think about it.

Remember when the world was our friend?
Holding our hand like there was nothing to be scared of.
I now assume it’s true people change when they grow up.

Innocence is gone, but what can we do?
Nothing is the answer, reality, and the frightening truth.
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i like it alot! i write similar things, so i could relate to it majorly. unfortunately im in a bit of a rush so i can't crit it right now.

nice work though!
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