I want to start a band with my friend drums.I would say he is a good drummer and i can play the guitar good.
We want to make Blues/Rock and perhabs a little bit psychedelic but i dont know how to write riffs without a bass...it sounds if anything is missing.
Anybody have tips for me to play only with a drummer?
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That's what I'm doing! Just drums, guitars and vocals! White Stripes/The Black Kays!

JUst let the music flow, alot can be done with just drums and a gutiar. Yes it will sound sloppy, but it was sound raw, and real.

Just have fun with it.
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Last year I saw a band play that was only a guitarist and a drummer. The guitarist was using an open tuning so that he could accompany the melodies that he was playing by just strumming the open strings, which is good because it's kind of hard to fill the space with just two people. It was a pretty cool show, and the two guys were pretty tight. Just a thought, though it would go against the whole blues/rock thing that you were going for if you starting playing drone music. If you do decide to go with that, I would suggest getting/using a capo so that not all the songs you play sound exactly the same.

The other (better) solution is to find a bassist, in which case, the rest of this post is irrelevant.
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put some overdrive on like the black keys , white stripes and/or hound dog taylor.
the distortion/ overdrive helps to fill up the space...(just make sure you dont use to much youll sound like a metal band)

anyways practice until your tight, and if one of you can sing, go for it.

BTW: i'm thinking of doing this myself...
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I'd say don't try to fill up the space. If you try, you'll be at a disadvantage due to only having 2 instruments. Play sparse arrangements and use the space to your advantage.