Or... Threlodeath! You can find the tracks on my profile, myspace, or download here:


Now, I don't expect you to sit through the whole 25 minutes, especially if you're not a metal fan, but if you do it is much appreciated. You see, my goal was really to create a musical "journey"; I wanted the CD to flow seamlessly from track to track, but without being all progressive and pretentious. As for the lyrics and themes, I wanted a very tongue in cheek style that pokes a little fun at stereotypical metal cliches. I also wanted it to sound as good as possible given my £0 budget.

So, listen to some, give me a little feedback, and I'll be glad to listen to anything you have on offer And if you like it, be sure to spread the word
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1. Very nice intro, i like the all the tones. laney eh =P

2. the voice feels kinda buried to me =S maybe you wanted that, but have you tried taking a little of the high end out of the other tracks to make way for the vox? also taking up the high freq.s on the vox?

musically, the only thing i don't like too much is the voice =P i dunno, thats just personal opinion really =P the drums are a bit boring, could put some fills and stuff in?

I like really though =P good solo and again nice tone.

OOH a nice acousticcy bit, i like that a lot.

3. really creepy intro =P

Nice chunky riff, interesting how in my right ear the drums are playing 8 closed hi hats per bar and in the right its playing 4 open hi hats =S or is that a ride? haha. i'm not the best at drums. it sounded a little weird.

I might come back and do the others later =P

1. Loved the riff and acoustic intro.
2. The vocals should be a little more growly IMO. Riffs are cool, drums are mixed well so you can hear them but they are not disturbing. Solo kicked ass. Was a bit too long, but good stuff only.
I will edit the other songs crit here when I have time
Wow. Great stuff. Listened to 1 & 2 and a bit of 3. Really tight and the quality is A+. Nice job. I'll be back to check out the rest when I have a bit more time.
Metal isnt my cup of tea, but I'll give it a shot. Crimethink- the intro is cool, good choice of a sound clip. Main riff is catchy, growly vocals arent my thing but some people like them so thats all good. Drums tracks are alright. Didnt notice anything wrong with the mixing. Nice track overall man.
3. The intro is cool, how did you do it?? Anyways it's pretty cool song. You just have to learn to make your songs a little shorter good riffage
4. Great riffs, harmonized solo (:O) and zombies. What else can you ask for a song?
5. WOW. WOW. WOW. Great work. Intro is great and the riff kicks in just the right time. The riff is great, and the solo/melody... ... ... speechless. Totally getting plays on my iPod.

Effort: 5*
Sound: 5*
Quality: 5*
Riffs: 4.5*
Solos: 4.5*
Vocals: 2.5*

It's a great ep. With a bit better growls, it would have been SUPER.
Best song: A Journey's End

Oh, the title says C4C so mind critting my two acoustic songs I improvised?
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1. Great intro, pretty epic sounding. The bass wasn't that audible though imo.
2. Great riffs, good production, lovin' the guitar tone you got. Vocals could be a bit more powerful though. I really like the riffs in this one, 02:36 and onward sounds pretty epic. Nice solo too.
3. Nice riffs again, good harmonizing. 02:22 sound pretty damn heavy, I like it. Good song, but the vocals lack power once again. Nice solo.
4. Nice zombie intro Really cheesy, just like I like it The intro riff is really heavy and pretty catchy too, I like it. Nice solo.
5. Nice and melodic intro, pretty solid, but I liked Zombiecaust better for some reason.
Overall very nice imo, especially since it was made by one person with a 0 £ budget. The mixing was great too, what did you use to mix/record?

Mind critting my obviously inferior thrash track ?