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Dimavery Fr-321
0 0%
Dimavery Fr 621 (red Leds)
2 18%
None of them
9 82%
Voters: 11.
So i'm about to buy a new guitar.
I'm not sure which one to get.

I'm between a


* Construction: Screwed maple neck
* body: Alder
* neck: Maple
* finger-board: Rosewood / 24 frets
* PU: 1 x single Coils + 2 x Humbucker
* regulator: 1 x volume / 1 x to tone,
Floyd Rose Double Locking Type
* bridge: Vibrato Fr style tremolo, gold
* Pu selector: 1 x 5 way-switch
* finish: Highly shining finish
* hardware: Gold
* incl. high-quality guitar pocket
* incl. 1 cable, 1 stringset, 1 set Plektums


* Construction: Screwed maple neck
* body: Maple / 12 x red LED \'s / hand paints
* neck: Maple
* finger-board: Rosewood / 24 frets
* PU: 2 x Humbucker / 1 x single Coils
* regulator: 1 x volume / 1 x to tone
* Pu selector: 1 x 5-way
* finish: Artwork
* hardware: Die-cast, chrom
* incl. high-quality guitar pocket

plz help me

Both are about 108€ (140$)

BTW: I Play things from Punkrock to Metalcore
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Neither. For that price getting a guitar with a double locking bridge is a big no-no. The one with red LED's isnt a good idea either. The increase in price wont be beneficial at all.

what is your max budget, what styles of music do you play, what gear do you own now?
For those who care.
Current Gear
Cort Zenox Z42
Flextone II
Charvel USA So-Cal
Farida M2 Parlour Acoustic
Admira Hand-built Spanish Acoustic
Blackstar HT-5H
Line 6 M13
i have a big peavey amp (dont know serail number but its not bad) and a stagg blink182version (starter guitar with one humbucker)
i play things from punkrock to metalcore
my maximum budget is about 130€ and because I'm rather young i'm shure i wont get more money =(
You're gonna buy a guitar with lights in it? Is something wrong with you?

Seriously. Don't put lights on a guitar unless you're ZZ Top and have at least 8 other guitars and 10,000 extra dollars (or its equivalent in euros/pounds/peso/rubles/rupees/turqoise beads).

EDIT: and both of these are starter guitars. So you wouldn't be moving up. You'd be moving sideways (into lights).
neither, for that money get something like maybe an epiphone, or keep saving and egt soemthing good, for that much, those bridges will be made out of tin foil and no us at all...

and lights..........No
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