Here's the plan:

I'm going to buy a nice Les Paul body from ebay (an actual body from an actual Les Paul), as I want a nice tone. Then I'm going to buy a slim neck, unlike Les Paul necks. I'm hoping to get a nice looking Jackson or Ibanez neck, or something that I can play speedily on, with ease.

My first question is this:

Will a Jackson/Ibanez neck (with an appropriate headstock, that goes well with the Les Paul shape) bolt onto a Les Paul body?

I'm not the greatest craftsman, on a good day, and I don't want to be drilling new holes and things, as I'll most likely bugger something up, and have wasted a fair amount of money doing so.

If I can buy a nice slim, shreddable (for want of a better word) neck, and manage to fit it to the body, I'm just gonna buy a tune-o-matic bridge and some cool hardware to finish up. Also, probably some bare knuckle pickups or something, they sound pretty meaty.

So basically, my query is the one regarding the neck and body fit. Also, if anybody thinks this is a crap idea and I can buy a slim Les Paul neck with the appropriate headstock, then point me to it. I can't find one as of yet.

Peace <3
Gibson dont make bolt on, so with the effort and time it would take to make it a bolt on the body would be worthless basicly. You may as wel make your own custom body for it.
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ESP LTD EC-400 or above?

Otherwise make your own body
Ah, okay. I might search around for a bolt on, or as you guys said, just make one. If I do find a bolt on/make it bolt on, any advice on what neck to get, or advice on anything really? I'm 100% new to this.
Check out the getting started on customizing thread at the top of the page. There is tons of information there.

A great place to get necks is

Those sites also have lots of other supplies you will need. Always remember to be well prepared going into a project. Do plenty of research and read all the tutorials you can find. A project like building a guitar should NEVER be rushed or things will turn out disastrous.