Great guitar, I've never really liked strats but that one is really good and feels very nice. Is there another strat that's similar to that one?
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Who is Eric Johnson? Is he good?

He shreds while playing on clean.

A true guitar god.
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look up cliffs of dover.

As somebody who owns every album Eric has ever recorded, I have to say that he has many better songs. Still, it's a good intro I suppose...

His signiture model is a very good guitar, custom shop quality for a great price.
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I can't believe there is some1 here on UG who doesn't know who Eric Johnson is !!!!
The Eric Johnson sig isn't like any other signature guitar. On most signature guitars, there might be a pickup change and some new knobs or something and they'll jack the price way up for the name on the headstock. The Eric Johnson Signature is basically a completely new guitar from Fender. It is also my favorite and most comfortable guitar I have ever played. I would give a lot to have that guitar (like maybe $2,000?)
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