Hi folks, (this is my first post so I hope i'm in the right place to ask here)
I'm playing Guitar for round a year now and my current amp and guitar sound like a bit of crap (Yahama eg-012 and a Yamaha Amp) I just bought it for the beginning, but lets get straight to my question.
I got about 1000€ budget and I wanna a buy a new amp, a new guitar and I probably gonna grab a Digitech - Death Metal. I'm primary playing Heavy Metal (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest etc.) but I also would like if my new set could reach a Black/Death metal like tune.
So after reading some tipps online i think i should pay about 600-750 for the amp and the rest for the guitar. What do you think?
Are they're any suggestings you can make (except going to a music store and play some guitars and choose what you like )
I really don't care much about if it is a ESP or Epiphone or whatever most important to me is the sound. Same for the amp Marshall or Fender or Engl... the sound counts not the name.

So this is it, hope I'll get some good answers.
high gain on a semi-budget is kinda the biggest problem... i'd probably go with either a peavey valveking or randall rg50tc, that'll leave you between about 500-700 euro for the guitar (generally i advise to spend more on the amp, but in this case i don't know of any better high gain amps for slightly more money, lol).

for the guitar, i'd probably look into a washburn 50 pro (the one with emgs, perhaps), or maybe a fixed-bridge ESP LTD 400 series guitar with EMGs. should keep you under budget, and get you a "metal" guitar. if you're willing to switch pickups, some of the ibanezes with a fixed bridge might be worth a look too.

i'd pass on the pedal too, odds are your amp's distortion will sound better than that pedal's.
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Yeah, that Randall would suit your needs, amazing for the price. You won't ever need a distortion/OD pedal for it.

For guitar, I'd go used, probably an ESP LTD, like a M-400 or EC-500.

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digitech death metal isn't really a metal pedal... kinda thin for metal. just throwing that out there
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Bugera might work out for you, but the reliability is questionable.
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