well i have mole side of my arm, if i went to tense my muscles it would be like the centre, it ain't very big i just hate it, anyone know what i cud do to remove it without getting cancer (so i hear you can get cancer or something removing a mole)

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I'm pretty sure you can't get cancer from removing a mole. It's the mole that can be cancerous, not the procedure used to take it off. Just get it removed if it bothers you...
Just leave it....? Whats the problem, unless your incredibly vain

And no, it won't give you cancer if you remove it.
Go to the doctors and get the doctor to do it. I think they freeze it so you can't feel it and then just cut it off. Something like that.
hey man.. i've gotten a ton of moles removed to PREVENT cancer.. just go see a dermatologist (skin doctor)... they numb you with lanacane (similar to novacaine in your mouth) and then depending on how big it is they either shave it off or cut it off.. a few stitches it it's big and then your good to go.. then they send it to the lab and determine whether it was just discolored skin, precancer, or cancer... i had like 5 taken off my back last year and had some precancerous cells.. i'm glad they're gone..

go see a dermatologist and DONT DO IT YOURSELF
I've had a few moles cut from my neck. It depends on how big the moles are. If they are small, they will burn it off with dry ice. If they're big, you get a shot that numbs it, and then they cut it off, and use plasma crap to make the bleeding stop. Hurts like hell, but only for a few minutes.


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only the numbing stuff hurts like crap.. it's like the worst burning feeling ever for 5 seconds.. just count the seconds and know that it'll end at 5.. then it goes numb and you honestly cant feel a thing.. it makes you skin like rubber.. it's soooo cool

Works for me.
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I had 2 moles on my back. I went to a doctor and he took care of them. Don't cut it off by yourself.
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A mole you say?
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I had been to a doctor to get my moles checked and he told me that the cancer thing is BS.
There ARE cancers that look like moles, so they can go unnoticed. But you wont get cancer because of messing with moles.