Hi, Just having a mind boggling problem with my boss dd3 & dunlop wah. I can get them to work fine through the effects loop of my marshall DSL, although not infront of the amp if you get me. By this i mean, amp > cable > pedal > cable > guitar, and such.

I've checked wires, power adapters, the pedals theirself, and all seem okay. I bet its something bloody stupid but i just cant come to think of why its not working any more?

Any idea? Thanks
make sure your guitar is going into the input and that the output is leading towards the amp.
also check that all the cables are plugged all the way in.
Nope, just testing if it worked through the FX loop to check i hadn't blown it. Just havnt used it in awhile.
Try connecting them like this

Guitar > cable> INPUT of wah > OUTPUT of wah > Cable > Amp

Effects send > INPUT of Delay > OUTPUT of delay > Cable > Amp
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Delay pedals working again now, although the wah seems to make a high pitched wail when even its turned on. Think its dying :l
Ah, power adapter was on the wrong voltage, sorted now. Doh.. haha, Cheers.