I have a guitar (I'm not good and don't know the proper name of things, I just like playing a bit) and decided to change the strings, but now that the old ones are off I noticed that the screws, which, for lack of knowledge, I have to call "horizontal screws" since they are parallel to the body of the guitar, are not straight. They hold these little things that I guess hold the strings high enough (that's the part that's not straight, horizontally, not vertically). Should I take a screwdriver and make them lineup? It doesn't seem hard, but I don't want to mess anything I can't fix later.
sounds like you're talking about the saddles


the tention from the new strings should straighten them out. just make sure you dont turn the screws of you'll mess up ur intonation
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i changed the intonation on my guitar once, i dont tihnk it did anything?(i also didnt know what i was doing i was experimenting, but it was only on the 6th string and it sounds fine to me)
Yeah, it's extacly those, it's just they they aren't completely straight, there's a slight difference to them, but the guitar sounds fine, as far as my untrained ears can tell, so no straightening them out then?
If your guitar sounds fine, don't mess with them.
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You mean they are all different distances from where the screws attach? like they kindof are on an angle, not straight?

Thats the way they are supposed to be.
Ok, thanks to all, for the quick replies.
I had never tried out the forums here, but I guess I'll start hanging around to see if I pick up some tips.
Yeah, each screw is screwed a different ammount, but very little, I'll leave them then, thanks.