Digitech RP250

^^problem. Those tend to sound a bit thin IMHO when you start playing higher on the fretboard. The EMGs probably dont help either.

EDIT: thats also a metal guitar played through a decidedly non-metal amp. Not that thats a bad thing, just that amp alone wont get the distortion necessary. Maybe a tube screamer?
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The RP250 is likely your main issue.

Don't go digitech. You can get a better sound from your tubes. Though you might needs some extra gain if you're playing metal...something like a tubescreamer might do it.

EDIT: ah beating to the tubescreamer!
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Ideally, getting a tube amp would be amazing for your tone. I really like the Line 6 Spider Valve. But, if that's out of the question, a Boss Metal Zone pedal and little cheap tube preamp (ART) will give you a really nice, heavy, warm sound. I used to use that setup, and I loved it. Turn down the mids for rhythm playing, and when you want a lead sound, scoop the mids back up.
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tubescreamer.. i have a friend running a gibson sg through a hot rod deluxe and he used to avoid the overdrive channel where possible as he hated the tone, i loaned him an ibanez ts-9 tubescreamer and now it sounds great
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Sell the Digitech and get a Tubescreamer.
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Yeah...the thing is you're playing a digital pedal through a very good tube amp. You need a tubescreamer for more distortion (Ibanez TS9 is a good place to start), otherwise you are effectively nullifying the great valve sound you've spent lots of money on
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