I really enjoy my Washburn WD, but after a song or two it falls out of tune pretty bad. I hate spending too much time trying to tune it up by ear, when I could be playing instead. I've been looking to buy a clip-on tuner, but I'm not sure which one to get.



The top one is $20 more dollars, but I cant seem to find any reason to opt for it. As long as they can both tune to 1/2 step down accurately (confirmed for the top one in a review, not sure about the second one) then I guess I'll get the second one.

If anyone has any experiences with either of these or if you know whether or not the cheaper one does 1/2 step down well, then please share it with me. Thanks
Slow day in the acoustic forum, huh?

I dont mean to purposely bump my own thread, but I'm heading to Guitar Center in a few hours and am gonna buy the cheaper one unless someone gives me a good reason not to. From reading the reviews, the only difference seems to be the lack of a carrying pouch and back-lit display.