i am an absolute beginner when it comes to playing the guitar, i havnt even had my first lesson yet. i was hoping that some one could give me a few easy songs to play, preferably somehing modern and popular, such as pop, indie and drum and bass. if it helps i have an acoustic guitar. any help is much apreciated.
Look up the Sweater Song by Weezer. That will help you with picking individual notes and also your strumming with a basic beat.
Another song u could look in to is called Zombies by The Cranberries. I taught this song to my 8 year old niece and within a day she could play the chord progression. Its a fun song to strum to and it shouldnt be to hard for u.
right ive taken a look at them and im not too sure about the scond one but i shall give it a go, the first one i like the look of and ill get on that now. thank you for these two surgestions and if anyone else has any more ideas please say them.
The Libertines - Don't Look Back Into The Sun
Little Man Tate - House Party At Boothy's
The View - Same Jeans
Any Oasis song you can think of
Ash - Girl From Mars
Snow Patrol - Run
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