I've been playing for a while now but I know I've been holding my pick wrong. I've been holding it with my thumb, index and middle finger. The reason I do this is because if I hold it the way I'm supposed to (thumb and index only) my pick has a tendancy to rotate to the left or right in my fingers - especially on the upstrokes. I use a soft pick - a Jim Dunlop .60mm Nylon. If I increase pressure to the point where it doesn't turn, the pick will usually end up inside the sound hole on an upstroke, or I'll end up with a really bad twang on the 1st string and I'll miss the other 5 strings. This becomes even more difficult if I'm only trying to strum a 2 or 3 note chord. I have no problem at all if I hold my pick the wrong way, but I'd like to free up my middle finger to pick other notes when I'm picking. Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Thumb Index and Middle isn't "wrong", lots of players hold the pick that way.