Sorry 'bout the lame title, it came from an inside joke with a friend.

So it's pretty rad, I still think there's something missing. So for now I'll say it's
" Just a demo "
Cemetaries Please.zip
Do you ever listen to Rammstein? Some parts of the song remind me of them pretty much, especially the chorus.. You've managed to give the song a nice feel. Some parts are better than others, but overall, it seems like a cool song that the old Rammstein could have written.
I've been listening to alot of NDH stuff (Megaherz, Rammstein, Eisbrecher)
So this was pretty influenced by that
I think I should change some stuff before I get sued :[
pretty horrible tbh, it was 2 boring riffs and a really out of key solo, nothing redeeming about it to me sorry man.
I have to disagree with ch715dallat, I think it was pretty good. Definitely sounds like a Rammstein song. But, the solo could be a bit more, interesting, and intricate. Other than that, good work.

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