Electric Guitar with a Wide Neck? I don't got the skinniest fingers and I seem to mute strings too much. Anyway guitars with a wide neck? I got a gibson sg 3 pickup guitar and I tried a les paul but those seems narrower.
Les Paul narrow?... damm... try a PRS wide-fat neck... but i dont promise anything
Schecter have big necks.

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Do you mean wider or thicker?

If you're looking for a wider, then yeah, probably look for ones with more strings,

if you're looking for thicker, then look around for some that have fatter necks, like Gibsons.

But it would still be best to go try a lot of them out, then you have your choices right in front of you.
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Ibanez and Jackson have some wide necks.
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Ibanez and Jackson have some wide necks.

Jackson is mostly compound necks.