So I live in canada and I want to know of a site that sells instruments and that is based in canada, because I dont want to use musician's friend. My friend bought a guitar last week, he payed shipping on it, and then when it got to his house, he had to pay the UPS guy, because of customs and import tax, so wtf, he was quite pissed and I was glad I didnt do it beforehand and have to suffer through all that. So my question to UG is basically is there any LEGIT site that is based in canada, or that will ship to canada and I wont have to pay mad shipping/customs fees?
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Why don't you just get it from a store? And if you don't have X guitar at said store, or no store around you, get a Canadian store to ship it to you. Make sure you get a sales quote before hand and IN WRITING. Even on an e-mail, then you should be fine. Try calling up Long & McQuade or Steve's Music.
Check out http://www.axemusic.com

They're located in Edmonton, offer free shipping on orders over $199, and are a bit cheaper then MCC. I just ordered a bunch of stuff from them and when I needed a rush put on the shipping they were very helpful and got my order out fast.
I dont think so, now that I looked at the axe music site that .Finn. put on, its pretty bitchin' i'm liking the prices.
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Go down to Long & Mcquade, give them a call before hand to check in if they have the gear you want. 'Tis what I do, or you could try Steve's music. Or you could try Lamusic.ca
i work at axe guys, its a really good place, i always get the slackers fired, and im 16......
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i work at axe guys, its a really good place, i always get the slackers fired, and im 16......

So, i read their whole shipping thing, it says free shipping over 199, is that true for any guitar over 200, cause i'm looking forward to purchasing an ESP LTD EX50, how would you say this guitar is, have you seen it/played it at all?


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Yeah, Axe is an awesome store. I take lessons there, and their prices on all of their gear is great. Great customer service, too.
I ordered a guitar ( Takamine G440C ) from Lamusic.ca and it hasn't shipped out yet and it's been a week already plus the item was described as instock. Don't take too seriously about what they say on their site like when they say processing under 24h or email notification if anything happens, it's all BS. I will probably give them a call next week because apparently they don't reply to emails or take ages to do so.