So I had a dream last night that i was playing with the Red Hot Chile Peppers and when we play Scar Tissue, everyone left. What does this mean? The song sucks? Chile Peppers suck? I suck? <--don't think so

I'm sure the great knowledge of the Pit will help me out
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They wanted to listen to Scar Tissue by the Red Hot Chili Peppers...Just kidding. Maybe dreams don't mean anything, but if you do believe that they do then maybe it's because it's such a sad song that everyone left?
Maybe, they all literally disappeared...
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I had a dream today where I had trying to put on this really really long belt, with a really elongated belt buckle. I was about to make a new hole in the belt but my friend woke me up by ringing my phone.

I wanted to wear that belt.
Maybe you need to learn that song, then play it with your band... then RHCP will invite you to join, thereby making them so bad that everyone leaves?
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It means that you're a complete failure and that everyone hates you.
Or, I might just be a dream, and not have any meaning at all.
in my dream les paul told me to **** off
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