Ok, I have a strat copy that I bought second hand. It would be a decent guitar if it weren't for one thing: The action is very high.

I have adjusted the bridge and I got the action as low as possible there. It will go lower, but not without fret buzz.

So now I'm thinking that the truss rod was not adjusted properly. I think the guitar's neck has a bow in it.

How do I tell if it does and how do I fix it if it does?
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I've checked google, and a number of articles. But I want a second opinion.

Also, different articles say different things.

One says to check the relief, you should bar the first fret and the 22nd fret. Another article says to bar the first fret and the 14th fret. I'm not really sure which one to use.

So I'm looking for an expert opinion here. (yes I know, on UG.)