Okay this is a right problem for me. Im trying to load up a guitar usb pedal (zoom g92tt with the cubase which has a setup procedure manual but not on zooms website and ive lost the original manual..ive loaded the driver and it is recognised on the pc but i cant assign the connection on cubase. how do i do it!
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1) If you can't be arsed to look, don't expect answers
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3) It seems you only have two responses in this thread, both from me, and neither of them are the answer. People in the recording forum are more likely to be able to help.
Ermm I think you'll need to switch the driver if it's a USB device. From the top chose Devices, then click Device Setup, click VST Audiobay, and from the Master ASIO Driver bit, chose the relevant driver, and then click Switch when prompted. Then click OK. Finally, you may need to create a new input, so click Devices again, and chose VST connections; in this window choose the inputs tab and create a new input (probably stereo with a count of 1).

Sorry it's a bit crappily written, I'm in a bit of a rush. Hope it works!

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