i would get the Schecter. I like the look better and I've heard good things about the Stiletto series.
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From what i have heard i would go for the Schecter Stiletto (in vampire red Satin).
But since i never played any of those two i would visit a shop try them both out and listem how they sound how the action is and overall feel before buying it.

I'm just not confident in buying a guitar or bass over mail order as there are so many things
you need to take in consideration.
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Well, there was a couple of used ones that I found, but they're a pretty good distance away. I am in love with the looks of that Schecter but I wondered if the neck-through and active pickups of the other one would be better.
Active or passive pickups is not a matter of good or bad but sound, they sound different.

Neck-trough is often found on the more expensive basses and is by many considered better. I personally think that a good Bolt on Neck can be just as good.
To Be is to Do -Socrates-
To Do is to Be -Sartre-
Do be do be do -Sinatra