So here's the story...

-After two years of asking my mom buys me a cellphone

-It's one of the prepaid ones (cheap, must add money every 90 days, blah blah blah)

-All my friends have nice phones, pay-as-you-go

-Need help persuading her to buy me a new pay-as-you-go phone

(and no this isn't about PEER PRESSURE my phone is slow and I want a new one)

or buy your own phone, why should your mum have to buy you everything?
how about you just dont buy a new phone and just change the plan to pay as you go instead?
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I've had crappy phone after crappy phone, apart from my second one was top of the range at the time (Sharp GX10 - cost me/mother £200), I didn't want it any more, I realised all I needed was call and text services, so no I'm cool with my Vodafone's own model that cost me £30 and if it breaks, no biggie.

Enough about me, how was your day?
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Why don't you just not use it in protest?
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I predict BodaciousZac is correct and he will tell us soon that he is in the 8th grade.

Flick her phone.
Don't tell her you have it for about a week.
And when she finally goes insane asking for it and almost breaksdown about losing it because it has all her important numbers etc etc.
Explain to her that if she every wants to see it again you have to get a better one.

And if she doesn't care about her phone that much because she catalogues all her numbers etc.

You my friend do not get a phone.
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o noez !
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get used to it.
Go out, get a job, or save money...i've bought all my expensive tech stuff, my mom didn't pay for none of it...and im a freshman
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If you decided to stop paying the top ups, then you obviously decided that having a phone was less important than having something cool to show your friends.

Grow up you ungrateful loser.
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