Right now I'm running: Epiphone Elitist SG -> Bad Monkey -> ISP Decimator -> Dual Rectifier -> Marshall 1960A cab.

I'm not too happy with my tone. The low end is pretty flabby (especially on palm mutes) and overall no sound I can get impresses me. My od tightens it up but it winds up sounding a little harsh. I like the 6L6s in there though, so I'd rather not switch to el34s. I've also got a Maxon od808, but I actually like the sound of the bad monkey a little better. I owned a different dual rec awhile back and it still wasn't amazing, but it did seem like I could get better sounds out of it with all the other gear being the same, so maybe it had different tubes in it? I don't remember and I didn't own that one long enough to change them myself. My pups are stock, but they're tighter and have more punch than the ones in my Epi LP Standard, which are Duncans. The Duncans do have alot more clarity though. Oddly enough, both epiphones I have seemed significantly higher quality in both build and sound than the lower end Gibson's I've played at GC and other stores, so I'd rather not go in the new guitar direction.

Anyway, any tips for improving my tone? My band plays pop punk, and I know bands like New Found Glory and All Time Low also use Dual Recs, so I'm aiming for something like their sound, but I can't seem to get even close to what I hear from them live or on their records. From what I can tell, it looks like All Time Low just plugs SGs straight into Dual Recs. I'm just wondering if I should go for a different cab or new tubes first, or maybe something else?

a flabby low end is a common complaint with rectos, i think. if you like your tone and just want to fine tune it slightly, new pickups might help.

elitist epis are meant to be great, and if they're any way similar in quality to other japanese-made gibson and fender copies, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that yours is better than some gibsons you've tried...
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having a distortion pedal in the way might have something to do with it...

i just bought a VOX ac30, and it gets a fair amount of gain on its own, but when i plugged a tube screamer into it, it just sounded like muddy bass garbage. i would think a dual rec would have enough gain for you on its own?
Let's see. I'd try the following:

-EQ out some of that bass.
-Try a 2x12" cab.
-Try a different ODish pedal. Standard TS9? OCD? Fulldrive II? Jaques Overtube? MXR Microamp? DOD 205? DOD YJM 308? ProCo Rat? DS-1/MT-2 (with no/low gain)? I could go on for days.
-Try some different 6L6's, to loose a little bit of bass (if it sounds interesting, post in the tube thread
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a flabby low end is a common complaint with rectos, i think.

+1. This is more prevalent if you can't really crank your Recto and get the power tubes working. I think it also depends on which Dual Recto you have - as in, Rectoverb, Roadking, etc.
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ceramic pups?

I'm leaning that way, certainly a decent ceramic bridge pickup like a Duncan Custom or Dimarzio Steves Special might do the trick, possibly even a set of EMGs.
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