I just bought a MIM strat. Looking to do a pickup upgrade. I was thinking of throwing a cool rails in the bridge position. wondering what would compliment it in the other two positions. also how are the bridges / machine heads on these? should I be looking to upgrade those as well? I don't really use the whammy at all. My sound is something along the lines of bluesy cleans and really aggressive/loud/toneless overdrive.
Should've considered the HSS Fat Strat if you're looking to put a rail in the bridge anyways, then you'd already have a full humbucker.
The machine heads are ok on MIM strats. I would only replace them if you find that you are having tuning problems.

With the pickups... What amp do you have.
Not taking any online orders.
I have two lace sensors in my strat and a hot rail in the bridge and the versitility is really good. Condsider the silver laces, they sound awesome.

EDIT: Try coil-splitting the humbucker for added tonal possibility.
that's actually scary cause I use a tubscreamer too, if you put the lace's in we'd have almost the same setup
i was thinking laces in the middle & neck and a cool rails in the bridge. just not sure how they would compliment each other
All I can say is the laces I have offer pure bluesy tone, and the hot rail is more agressive. The laces are masters of clean and anything overdriven, so they should compliment your setup nicely.