just wondering why do people find screaming constantly in a song so appealing? i mean it sounds like they have a **** in their throat or something, and that doublebass **** everbody thinks its ****ing god i don't understand why such horrible music amuses kids these days, im 16 and i listen to **** like gnr, great white, cinderella, from classic rock all the way to hair metal, one reason is because, well they simply have skill. Anyone can scream but theres only 1 out of like every 100 people with a good voice, anyone with a deep voice can scream and screaming just sounds horrible and suicidal, i guess now i see why so many metalheads and hardcore douchebags kill themselves.... ****ing scene kids i sware to god everyone just follows the crowd these days....
why do you care?

EDIT: wow, all the way from classic rock to hair metal? youre a diverse one there.
I have no opinion on this matter.
Personal opinion.
The line "Anyone can scream" is completely, totally and utterly false.

It's a very aggressive style.
And btw, metalheads don't kill themselves, they're the ones doing the killing
And scene kids are mainly into electro-pop crap, not screamy stuff.
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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Conversely, TS, how can anyone like hair metal where they all sing like girls?

I'm kidding. I don't really care. But taking a sh*t on other people's music tastes simply because you don't like it commands no respect, especially when you start citing classic rock as a better music form.
Everyone can scream, huh? I challenge you to sing 'Hammer smashed face' by Cannibal Corpse or 'Knee Deep' by Job for a Cowboy. Screaming like that takes skill man, otherwise you'll kill you throat.