so, i've been trying to get the hang of these for a while, and i just can't seem to do it very well, does anyone have some good practice techniques for pinch harmonics?
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i never practiced them..they just found me

Same here man, I was playing for some drunk dude my mom was hanging out, and before I put my guitar down, I tried a ph and after that I could just do them. Of course I practiced them after I got the tech. down.
use a digging technique when you pick the note, or you can use the search bar

Try and find a friend who also plays guitar and have him show you. I found learning pinch harmonics impossible to learn online. But it made a lot more sense when someone showed me.
+1 to the guy who recommended that JustinGuitar video. That's what finally helped me do them.

A simple tip would be to play the note you want to get a harmonic on, then touch the string lightly, and find the places where the resulting harmonic is clearest. Those are the places at which it'll be easiest to play pinch harmonics, so aim for those places.
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Play these scales:

Harmonic Minor
pentatonic Minor

trick is to use ONLY pinch harmonics. do it wherever you want, i usually start in A or G though.