the case my guitar came in said my guitar was a GRX20-JB and i googled it and none of those kind look like my guitar....but it looks like a ARX300 Artist..at least those models...soo if someone had some input that would be kool..i have a pic of my guitar on my profile for people to see...i'm just curious if thats what the model is or if its an artist model..thanx!
not sure...try searching for your guitar using the serial number on the back of the headstock...gibson has something like that for their guitars, maybe ibanez does too
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No SN? Then you might have a copy.


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Yeah, that's definitely not a GRX20. I have the GRX40 (basically almost the same guitar as the 20), and it's this one right here:

are serial generally on the back of all guitar headstocks?...i didnt think it was a GRX either the bodies didnt look nuthin like mine....
no i bought it used at a music store i went there and tested a bunch out and got this one and when i picked it up i wanted to put a pic of it up but didnt have a camera so i wanted to find a model that looked like it and the models never were the same as mine so i figured sumthin wasnt right...lol