ok. ive been thinking about the vendetta 1.0.
any good?
one thing i d9nt like is the wammy bar. i hate the plastic peice on the end. anybody know where i can get one with out that piece?
.... why are saying what you don't like about?

what price are you talking about? and it is pretty clear you are a starter.

Anyways, I like the guitar.
Its a 149 dollar guitar, its gonna have issues. If you want an all metal wammy you can go get a replacement at the music store. But be warned if you plan to use the wammy the guitar will not stay in tune. Economy vintage style wammy combined with economy tuners does dont equal tuning stability.
i think 'All Parts' has a tremolo arm without the plastic covering at the end.. but i don't know if it will fit your bridge.. anyway, can't you just remove the plastic covering at the end of your trem arm?

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