Im giving my old acoustic a tune up. Its an old no name, but it plays beautifully so dont say buy a new one. Its not happening. But anyway, I was thinking about changing the nut, saddle, and putting in a pickup.

So what would yall recommend for a good pickup, saddle, nut combination?
Well regarding the nut and saddle, if you can afford it, fossilised ivory is often argued to be the ultimate. As for more affordable options, camel bone is the best ive tried.
Regarding the pick up, are you looking for something permanent or something removable?
i put fossilized walrus ivory in my guitar it is sweet google colosi saddles and check out some of those optoins (unless you can make your own). as far as pickups i love k&k sounds pickups i have ordered from them on multiple occasions and have always been extremely satisfied. for me under bridge transducer setup was the way to go but your milage may vary.
Well, as far as permanence goes, It doesnt have to be permanent, but I will be using it mainly plugged in. And I dont necessarily want to go with only a soundhole pickup, but if need be I can go that route.

I have looked at ivory saddles and such, but all of them come unslotted and I dont have the slotting tools to finish it.

But I want to keep the natural full sound of the acoustic, but I also want reliability cause I will be playing live probably twice a week with the guitar.
i have never seen a slotted saddle do you mean nut? my colosi saddles top was finished i only had to sand it down for width i would recommend you checking them out if that is the direction you want to go
Yeah I meant nut. My bad, I realized that I put "and such" instead and it wasnt to specific. Sorry. But I found a Graftech composite Ivory nut and saddle. They seem to be pretty good and from all the reviews I have seen they look really nice. So I may go with them.