I made an uniqe fuzz kit from this site for electronics class


its different from fuzz face
it has a
1M volume pot
10k fuzz pot (different place from FF)
10uf cap between the two transisters
and .01 in/output caps
It has an input resister to "cupple" the signal
PNP transisters
Plastic box

Its weird because the kit itself is picking up radio frequencys, when I turn my guitar down, it still plays the radio.

troubleshooting is needed
but I think I swiched around the pots or fliped the terminals

possible mods
think I will put a stdp toggle for a 2.2 and a .01uf
change in/output caps for film caps

Thanks in advance
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It's picking up radio because you built it in a plastic box. You need some sort of shielding. Try lining the inside with aluminium or copper foil. Make sure you ground everything together.
dang I knew it! talk about low quality
i grounded every thing to the positve terminal of the 9v

will aluminum foil work?
wont it short the entire circut?

EDIT I had the schematic but Its at school i'll post on monday for anyone who wants it
i got a question a bit off topic...
1. does it sound good?
2. instead of putting it in a plastic box, can you put it in the guitar?
just wondering
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I dont know yet, all it picks up is radio freq!!

yes you can the pcb is about 2 inches SQ
just shield it better, that should solve your radio problem

and yeah if you could post the schematic and parts list thatd be amazing
on monday i will find it

warning its a kit from a non guitarists site like stewmac or bose and its not a fuzz face or it's cousins