Oh yeah.

Bite your tongue. That’s a face only a mother could love. Get off your knees and look at me child. Baby, baby, when did we get lost? Along the way, along the way, all right. There’s only you and me in this room, but only one is gonna make it out alive. All I can say is baby it ain’t gonna be you.

[1 time refrain]

Verse 1:
When they say that love is work I see they never saw you baby. Cuz we get down to getting’ down with it there ain’t no stopping this machine. There’s the love of one another and then there’s what we got. No emotion, no special connection, just the way you make me feel.


[1 time refrain]

Verse 2:
Did you hear what I’m saying baby. It doesn’t matter if you stay with me. All I need is that slut in the backroom. Cuz that’s all I need to be happy. You’re just another notch on my belt; another mark on the wall. Cuz baby, baby, in the end you’ll see that all I wanted was your body.


pay me the same amount and ill give you better head than an amp ever could.

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