Deer UG:

I have been whoring myself out to acoustic guitar for the last 6 months and lost my death metal charm(if I ever had it) so this is my plee for help.
I want some tips on playing, strum patterns, cool riffs and the like.

Thanks for the help!
Huh. You don't remember how to play electric guitar or something?

Um. Learn alternate picking, work on downpicking speed for aggression, pentatonic (>.<, go learn some tabs, sweep picking... whatever.
how do you forget how to play metal?...
thats a little ridiculous...
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Quote by Bentheemo
Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
hmmm... deathmetal? id say play scales, on a somewhat clean tone so u can hear what you play. and without butchering the strings, play note by note faster and faster. then learn to sweep pick, the easiest sweep picking lesson to me was to learn the solo to duncan hills coffee by dethklok. then, make sure u can palmute of coarse. and then ur basicaly set. oh yeah, always pick up in down when shredding and ****