Im going to put a new pickup in my old acoustic, and I had posted this in the acoustic thread, but I dont think they like electrifying acoustics over there, so now I turn to yall. What is the best under saddle acoustic pickup?
I hear Dean Markely's are good. Maybe give them a try?
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Do you mean "best" or do you mean "best that isn't really expensive"?

I really like acoustic amplifying systems that have more than pickup, aka the $80 Dean Markley West Coast La Jolla or the $170 Dean Markley West Coast Trilogy which use 2 and 3 different pickups, respectively.
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IMO, B-band makes the best undersaddle pickups. Most undersaddle pickups are peizo transducers which are thin and tinny but the b-band UST uses condiser film which gives you sound that is more like a microphone. Even better than the UST is the AST. It's a larger condinser film that mounts on the bridge plate. This thing is so sinsitive that you can sing into it and it'll pickup your voice. The larger sensor gives you a fuller sound and having it mounted on the bridge plate helps filter out string buzz.
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Yep B band are great.
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Well B-Bend pickups are extremely hard to find here in Texas. I just called a couple of dealers and they said they are backordered on them.

How are the Martin Thinlines? Specifically the Thinline 332? I would assume that since its from Martin its a decent product.

Now mind you, I dont need perfect, just something to hold me over until I get a new guitar, then my old one will become a backup.
I've got some B-Band pickups on hand if you are interested.

If you can't find a B-Band then I'd suggest an LR Baggs undersaddle or the La Jolla that was suggested earlier. I've used both several times and have been really happy with them.

I can't tell you about the martin thinline specifically, but I can tell you that I've never heard a martin pickup that I thought was worth having.
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^it's pretty easy. Basically just drill a hole and shave a bit off the saddle.
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Ok cool. Well I ordered the Dean Markley UST today. The one that comes in the La Jolla set but without the soundhole pickup cause I want to see how well it sounds. Plus I have never really liked the look of the soundhole pickups. But it does have the ability to add one later on if I feel it needs more. Plus its the passive version, I think, so I shouldnt have to mount in a battery which is good in my book.