hey does anyone know if artists sing falsetto in punk/pop punk/alternative. i feel kind of dumb asking this but it sounds like most of them are singing in full voice all the time, usually the chorus is the high sounding part. are they using some kind of effect like an octave pedal or can they really sing like a G# in full voice?
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Some people just have great range, I would think you could tell if they were falsetto? But that's just me
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Why report? You can tell its falsetto when it doesn't seem natural. Check out Muse.
I think the singing thread would be best for this sort of thing.

But yeah, some people can to the high G, G#, A without having to go to their falsetto. I'm not sure how much higher those people usually go, since I really can't do much non-falsetto stuff above an E, so I don't bother with higher singing.

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