So I want to change 1 (or maybe 2?) of the pick-ups in my guitar. It is an H/S/H, no pickguard. What kind should I use to get a sound similar to a Jazzmaster? I like the jazzmaster sound alot (ie. early Cure stuff) and would want this sound. I have looked at the GFS mean 90's and dream 90's, and I think I might get a bridge Mean 90. I would also possibly switch out the single coil for something better (yamaha single coils are pretty bleh). Any other suggestions? I would really prefer not to route my guitar for an actual jazzmaster pickup. I am not going to replace all of the pickups, just the neck and possibly middle, and the bridge Mean 90(or other pick-up) would go in the neck position, I am pretty sure it should fit ok. Anything I should know?
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