Ok I got a crappy Khoals guitar (the cloths store) and it came with a 3 watt. Now I noticed that when I do pinch harmonics I really cant hear them also, when I do normal harmonics I cant hear the difference. Will an amp effect this or am I just not doing them right?

This is the amp I'm looking at please give input if you think this is a good amp only going to used for hardcore rock and only for bedroom practice. Link Below


Also one add on... If anyone listens to A7X you know how Synyster Gates sounds like his notes are really clear and just POP would an amp make my guitar sound like that or is it just I have a really crappy guitar and thats why mine dont sound like that.
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That's because amplification is an extreme majority to your sound than a guitar is.

No, that amp won't let you hear pinch's either but other than that it isn't bad. I have it, it's one of the better cheap amps you can buy.
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Not that amp, no. The Frontmen are absolutely awful. Granted, your guitar isn't going to help you much either.
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steer away from the frontman
you WILL NOT get good sound at all from that amp
trust me i own it

I am most pleased with my line 6 spider 3
give that one a look, its the best sound available for the price in my opinion
I have a frontman amp, I really don't think that the clean sound is bad at all.

Drive is, but then again you wouldn't expect it to be good would you.
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if you want to sound like Syn, you're going to need a Bogner Uberschall, which is a very expensive amp that you can't afford.

The Frontman won't do much for you either.
Roland Micro cube would suit your music by the sound of it. Then get a new guitar.
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Ok I just found a really cheap 25 watt solid


Are those any good?
just go to the local guitar store and try out different ones, buying one online without hearing it isnt a good idea.
i recommend going to the store and trying several amps with distortion channels in your price range. don't be let down if it doesn't sound like the guys in the record though as they have expensive gear. i'd also give some distortion pedals a try that way you can keep the amp you have and they're less expensive.

a good distortion pedal i used to own is the rocktron metal planet which i think retails around $50.
Look into Roland amps, please. As mentioned before, the Roland Micro Cube would be a good one.
Get a Spider III 15W for 99 bucks. I am a beginner and it sounds great to me, also has a lot of effects you can screw around with. I realize some of the guys who have been playing awhile say the Spiders sound digital, but for a beginner I don't think there is a better choice.

Spider III 15Watt info: HERE
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for a beginner I don't think there is a better choice.

Spider III 15Watt info: HERE

Yes there is, the Micro Cube.

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Yes there is, the Micro Cube.


Not as loud as the Spider III 15W, and a little more expensive, but it is a good amp from what I could hear.
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Not as loud as the Spider III 15W, and a little more expensive.

It gets plenty loud for bedroom practice. As for the price, Pyro it seems like you have a low budget. If you can afford to get the Micro Cube, get it. If you can't at least try and get the spider, because for a beginner it is fine. (didn't mean to pick on you or be a jerk by the way, texasRG )
Of course your technique affects how a pinch harmonic sounds as well.
Never heard of a 3 watt...

haha kidding.

anyway. the Frontman is the bane of amplification. Please trash it and put some good money down on a quality amp.

The Guitar doesn't help much either.

I'd suggest buying a new amp as soon as you are able. a Line 6 or Krank or Peavey.

Or if you really wanna hit a grand slam ampwise... Buy a Mesa Boogie. But they're not cheap.
pinch harmonics= 50% amp, 25% pickups, 25% skill
if you gonna play metal, buy a better high gain amp.
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you could buy a vox valvetronix. i have one and a strat and i can do pinch harmonics on that and strats are pretty difficult to do pinch harmonics on because of the pickups. i don't know how much you are willing to spend but the 15W one only costs $199
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pinch harmonics= 5% amp, 5% pickups, 90% skill
if you gonna play metal, buy a better high gain amp.

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lol a Valve junior only you'll need a distortion pedal

so i go micrcube
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