hey there. so random question of the day, hope this hasn't been done before. feelin a bit bored.

wats you're favorite area of the fretboard to solo on? i like around the 9 to 12 fret area cuz it's perfect for my not so extremely large hands. i hate soloing in like f# and G way up at the top of neck near the tuners, my hands get tired. but i do love messin with the open E stuff. anyways, discuss.

edit: and since i know what about 90% of you people will come in here for. what is your favorite spot.
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I can't solo...

Help, please.. !
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i luv 12-15, same as Hendrix I guess. Strings there are easy to bend.
Plus I like to improvise in E.
I just love soloing in E... So open strings right at the top of the fretboard, and around the 12th. Sometimes i like to drop everything down a half step.
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I enjoy anything if i get the feel but i like soloing between the 10th and 17th frets. No idea why, i just 'feel it' there lol
I like soloing in mon-key

Now was that partially french, or was it just a monkey?

Bendings are easier around the middle of the fretboard, but I feel at home anywhere on it.
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The G Spot

definitely what i thought.
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Frets 5-8 for me.

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