OK, so I want to get into guitar. My only experience with guitar is through my friends (barely) and guitar hero (if that even counts). Now, even though GH is nothing like playing real guitar, I play the game lefty-handed. I have repeatedly tried playing the game right handed, but my hand does not want to move.

Anyway, this presents a problem for me in buying a guitar. First of all, I don't have a lot of money, so a sub-200 dollar guitar is pretty much out of the question. My teacher recently brought his guitar into class and let me play around with it. I told him my problem and he said the best thing to do was to play the guitar right handed; so I played the guitar and I felt disgusted, my fingers couldn't move accurately and my strumming felt like my hand was broken, I later resolved to playing the guitar left handed and it felt alot better. The thing is, if I learn to play this way, I'll have to do everything backwards. I have to learn chords backwards and reading material will have to be flipped around in my head, which I don't think is such a great place for it to be. What do I do? What makes it so weird for me is that I'm a righty. I write right handed and am completely retarded with my left, I don't know why this is the case, but it is. Can anyone help me?
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I don't know too much about lefty guitar, but they do make lefty guitars. Try searching on guitar stores online sites like guitar center.
They make entry level lefties, all you gotta do is go to any guitar shop and ask what they have. The options are limited but hey, you can say you are part of an elite group.

and about your handwriting, I write lefty and play righty, we are both wierdos.
Just b/c it feels more natural now doesn't mean won't later. When you get your guitar, and start learning you'll realize it start to feel gradually more natural. In all reality, if you've never really played before, playing period will feel weird. With time and practice, it'll all work out. Bottom line, I'd say go with a right handed guitar. It could be headache trying to find a lefty that you really want later on down the road.
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Guitar hero doesn't count. EVER

Not the point of the topic but thanks anyway
You can buy a lefty guitar so everything wont have to be flipped
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play lefty

chord diagrams etc wont take much figuring out even backwards. go for it.
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
I'm a lefty who plays righty, so maybe I am wrong, here.

I think you should play whichever way feels 'natural'.

Epiphone makes a Les Paul Special II or something that's lefty for under $200.00.

I've taught lefty's who have no problems reading tabs/chord diagrams, so I wouldn't worry about that.

Good luck.
Either buy a left-handed guitar or a right-handed one. Don't flip the guitar upside down.

If you do, you'll eventually want to buy an actual left handed guitar and you can have fun relearning everything that you had learned in the meantime. And your muscle memory and string width/depth perception will go to **** for awhile. Not worth the struggle IMO.
I have a leftie friend who plays right handed...because he learned and practiced that way, so i bet you can do it too. but in case you don't want to, there are leftie guitars. If you start playing left handed, you don't have to learn anything backwards, its the same thing.
hey i am a left handed guitarist im 15 and i accidentally brought a right handded guitar all you have to do is switch the strings round so it is left handed but then the guitar is upside down but now i got a left handed les paul and i know what you mean i cant hold the frets or strum while playing right handed it seems impossible well theres my advice
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just keep playing righty until it becomes more comfortable

Yes, no way is gonna be comfertable at the beginning anyways, in the long run it's better for you to learn right, as you have a wider variety of guitars to purchase.
I'm left handed but I play right. I didn't force myself though. it just feels natural.

It depends on you though, do what feels more comfortable, worry about finding lefty-guitars later. They're always around, you'll just have to look a little harder.
I play lefty and never really had any issues with it. Yea you cant just play any guitar but never been a big deal. The strat style is really the only guitar thats easy to flip and play. LPs and SGs forget it. I have one of the lefty squires not a terrible guitar not a great one. If set up they can play decent. And as a beginner you dont need a 2k guitar. And tablature isnt backwards it still looks the same righty or lefty. Yea you gotta transpose some scale stuff or chords. But its easy enough to draw it out dark on a piece of thin paper and flip the paper over, voila its lefty. And guitar pro will flip the fret board for you. There are even a few lefty chord books out there. But I dont use it Im so used to transposing now. And if you watch a video of a righty playing guitar its pretty easy to pick up what hes playing. So if you feel better playing lefty then play lefty. There was a time in our history when people were forced to be right handed in school.
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I was thinking of getting this guitar.


How is it for a beginner guitar? Also, is it a bad thing thing that I'm buying it online?

Along with a beginning Amplifier, what are the cheapest I can go without it sounding like absolute crap?

That is a good guitar to start with, and a lot of people start with it (the right handed version). http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Frontman-10G-10W-Guitar-Combo-Amp?sku=481602 something along the line of that wouldn't be a bad one to start with, of course youll want to upgrade though. The only bad thing about buying online is you dont get to try out the equipment before you buy it.
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Thanks a lot tackleberry and ChristianE, you guys make me feel a lot better about playing for the first time. I really appreciate the help. Looks like I'll be picking up that guitar over the summer. Thanks again.
Umm.. your name isn't Nick by any chance? I know a guy who's in the exact same boat as you, and I want to know if you are him.


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Umm.. your name isn't Nick by any chance? I know a guy who's in the exact same boat as you, and I want to know if you are him.

Naw, my name is Chris.
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just keep playing righty until it becomes more comfortable

When I first started playing my mind kept telling me that since im right handed
it would make more sense to fret with my right hand. But I played right handed
until i got it right. finger picking man...i could never do that left handed.

It seems that you are totally overlooking right hand techniques..they do alot
more than u ever imagine. On guitar hero you just strum with the left hand
and depend on the dexterity of your right hand..but the dominant hand is
better for picking..everyone has trouble with this in the beginning..

I am one of the people that can play some very difficult solos on guitar hero
quite easily on a real guitar..but i cant finish much on expert..even with a
decent grade. You will find that guitar hero will still be fun as you get better
but it will feel like a ripoff at times. You have play so many unnecessary
notes..its like reaching all the way around your back...just to scratch your elbow

alot of beginners think its logical to use the dominant hand for fretting because
its their *accurate* hand..but..that will change..
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I don't know too much about lefty guitar, but they do make lefty guitars. Try searching on guitar stores online sites like guitar center.

uh im pretty sure his problem was that he cant learn how to do all the chords and whatnot the left handed way not finding a lefty guitar

If you buy a right-handed guitar, it will feel awkward and uncomfortable and you won't wanna play it anymore.
Buy a lefty guitar.
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