what guitar shold i get which will look nice with a KAOSS pad installed in it and i want a cheap guitar so i dont spend much on it.

thanks ryan.
Why would you slap a KAOSS pad in a cheap guitar? In a month you are gonna want to rip it out and slap it in something else. Its a complete waste of money.
well i wanted to put it in my les paul but my dad said it is too much of a risk just incase we make a mistake lol and then my les paul will have a big hole in it lol and phorgot ill go have a look at what it is thanks any more ideas.... and i have a paperround getting £7 week but looking for another lol
Well KAOSS pad's aren't practical and just cause matt bellamy has one doesn't mean you should too. Seriously reconsider and buy something else that's killer.
If you don't have a nice amp, get a nice tube amp, or stock up on effects. A KAOSS pad is really unnecessary.
ok i got a line 6 spider3 amp really nice and i got a slash signature wah pedal and the KAOSS pad looks decent and has some good stuff you could do with it
Goddamnit, dude... Matt Bellamy doesn't have a fucking Kaoss Pad installed in his guitar.


The position of your pick/finger/whatever on the pad corresponds with the KP2 screen via MIDI numbers. It's expensive and a bitch to install. Please don't shell out money on a Kaoss pad just to try and do that.

edit: If you really want to mess around with a Kaoss Pad, put it up on a secure stand in front of you and hook up your guitar to the thing. But you ARE 15, and I wouldn't think you need to be messing around with one.
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Hey! Let's give him a break. He's excited about new toys, and is interested in experimenting. Don't be a kill-joy. He's doing something different.

I'd recommend finding a pawn-shop guitar, something really used, cheap, but with good action. Ask your local guitar stores if they have any paint blem. guitars, or stuff they would really like to get rid of. You'll find something, and totally try it out. If your dad'll help you why not?
Yes, it is nice that he wants to experiment, but I'm just telling him it's not worth tearing apart a KP2 to put in his guitar, and that having it up on a stand will do the same thing for him.
ive decided that im going to build the guitar from scratch. and still going to get it installed in it lmfao.
and thanks abarrant

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