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Acqua Di Gio
4 50%
Armani Code
3 38%
D&G Light Blue
0 0%
1 13%
Voters: 8.
Looking for a new scent for evenings out and possibly daytime use and I've narrowed it down to these 3 since they're supposed to work well with paler skin. Which would you choose, or any other options?
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Fahrenheit by Dior.
Schecter C1 Classic Left Handed
Line 6 POD HD500
Peavey Valveking 112
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It smells good.
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Certain aftershaves work better with certain skin types? News to me.

I'm buying JOOP! tomorrow, ladies say it's the sexy.

I have a little bottle of that, the pink one. It's quite a weird scent, a little too feminine for me. (most likely why its pink lol)


Yes they do, from what I've heard the lighter, citrusy/fruity smells work better for paler skin, daytime and in the summer. Woody/musky smells work better on darker skin and in the winter or at night.
Schecter C1 Classic Left Handed
Line 6 POD HD500
Peavey Valveking 112
I have Lacoste (red) which is a nice subtle scent. But I just got a Hugo Boss one for my birthday which is really nice, a real masculine scent.
^ Hmm thanks, I'll check all these new recommendations out. I have little bottles of:

Hugo (the red one)
Davidoff Cool Water
Givenche Pour Homme (red)
Hugo Boss (round bottle)

My favourites are the first 3. Does anyone know how much of a discount you get if you buy duty free at airports?
Schecter C1 Classic Left Handed
Line 6 POD HD500
Peavey Valveking 112
aqua di gio. its my special scent for when the ladies are around. but d&g is also nice
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Acqui di Gio is the most godly scent on men, EVER. My best friend uses it and I take whatever opportunity I get to put my head on his shoulder or steal his jackets/sweatshirts just to smell it. He smells like a big wave of fresh laundry, showers, and warm skin whenever I hug him. However, it's more of a day scent IMO
I bought my boyfriend Polo Blue which is also very, veryyy good. It's warmer and more woody, and is very inviting but still masculine and sexy. It's definitely more of an evening scent then di Gio, and it works very well with skin.

edit: Both of the boys have light skin.

Also, one of my favorite men's scents (although I dont know anyone who wears it.. =[ I'll get it for my boy if he is willing to leave Polo Blue) is Pi. It's very woody and warm but still clean; very sexy but still easy on the nose. It has a softer smell, which is hard to find with men's scents, but it's still masculine.
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I love Acqua di Gio. I need to pick some up. I'm rather pale myself, and my scent of choice is Calvin Klein Man. It's spicy and woody, very rugged.

^I also second Polo Blue. It's another favorite.
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I wear Armani Code and I always get compliments on it.
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Aqua Di Gio. Chicks dig that...

But Chanel Allure Sport is the best. Thats what i use.
Its really light, someone can only smell it when they get really close to you and thats how a perfume should be.
I don't really like strong perfumes which you can smell from a mile away!