So i've been wondering, I know there's dirt on the strings, but what about on the fretboard? On my guitar I've noticed built up grimey **** on the actual wood close to the metal fret bars, but not so much ON the bars themselves. Is this bad for my fretboard? And is there a safe way to remove this stuff?
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you can buy stuff that you use to clean the fretboard but justuseing the corner of a credit card does the job
hope thats helped a little =]
last night I took a dust rag and some lemon juice and got all the dirt off my fretboard. It looks great now.
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You can use a fretboard cleaner or conditioner like lemon oil, as well as using some 0000 steel wool. Don't use them simultaneously of course, only use one at a time.

You'll also notice over time that your frets will start to get dull. When you notice that, tape off your fretboard between each fret and apply the steel wool to the frets to polish them back up. I figured I'd mention that since I usually do both in the same session. It REALLY makes a huge difference in the smoothness of the feel of the guitar.

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uh oh man...it may not be dirt...It sounds like your guitar may be getting
attacked by mold...It doesnt mean that youre not sanitary..it just happens
in some places..

You may need to find a way to control your humidity level...
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I use a small soft toothbrush to clean up close to the frets and then wipe all the wood down with a dry cloth followed by lemon oil. Let the lemon oil soak in for acouple mins then wipe off.
Dont use any retarded products on the wood dude. Just dry and soft stuff.