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I am awesome cool,I have tons of friends.
10 10%
I am cool.I have lots of friends.
30 30%
Im alright i guess im average.Couple of close friends.
42 42%
I have few friends actually and theres a few people who dont like me at all.
16 16%
No friends and everybody hates me.My life sucks!
1 1%
Voters: 100.
So how are your socials lives?I guess i could but it that way
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I have 2 distinct groups of friends, one in my new school and one from my old one. I have 2 or 3 really close friends, and know a good amount of people. I'd say i'm about average. I honestly couldn't care less though, I just spend time with people i enjoy spending time with.
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got plenty of friends
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I've got my own car, I'm popular.
I suppose I'm average. I'm the type of person that has like a gagillion friends but very few close ones
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I have a nice group of really tight friends. A few people who i talk to every once in awhile. I would have more friends if I wasent so shy. Plus people in my town are dicks.
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i have an awsome close group of mates, but get on with lotsa folk in school and out of
all my friends have combined to make one big group and the girls that i like/liked/gone out with form a huge group and i pretty sure talk about me
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I voted "I have few friends actually and theres a few people who dont like me at all".

Mostly because a lot of people are complete arses and are too 'cool' and 'original' and/or 'indie' to go near me.
Got plenty of people I can talk to and piss about with though, and quite a few close friends. I suppose I'm happy
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I know peeps. Popular with the ladies
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Ive got a couple of good friends, but ive never really had the ability to communicate coherently (being Glaswegian doesnt help) or the ability to think of anything to talk about. Alas, ive rarely been able to make friends and have never had a girlfriend, but ive done little to make people hate me, so i wouldnt say im disliked.

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That's Piers MORON. Private Eye FTW! That's lots of hate.

I have a few close friends, a band - which is a plus - and I can slide into a few different cliques quite easily - stoners, some of the nerds are alright, scene kids accept me and I get on with some of the preppy girls - but my true friends, metalheads, are few and far between. Also, stacks of people hate me at my school, but it's their loss and they're obviously limited people if they don't notice my brilliance.
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I think I'm pretty popular, in that nobody hates me, and I'm a generally likeable character. However, almost everyone annoys me greatly, so I only have a couple of close friends.
alot(and i mean alot) of friends, but only a few close ones... im between average and the one above it i guess
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ive got a few good freinds not really ne close ones since everyone lives miles away from me and im in a ****ty town where all the hillbillies live and i hate them and they dislike me

so i just sit and play my guitar all day and email everyone
I have a partner, one friend, and around three acquaintances. I'm cool with it though, if I was desperate for more social contacts it wouldn't be too hard.
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