I like it, you got some good stuff.

Your titles of your songs sound like something Primus would come up with :P
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Hey there, I gave it a listen ... not too bad.
It was quite calm/relaxing with a upbeat feel to it at times!
Very bluesy - very cool!

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Wow, very impressive. I love the chilled intro, I was really grooving. As it starts to pick up the pace- great. I'm loving it. The left panned guitar seems a little muddy- But I like the noodling on the right. The instruments are really working in harmony here, which is something I don't hear often. Liking the way it slows down again.

The only real criticism I can think of is that nothing ever seems to be the focus. It all feels like a backing groove, there's nothing for you to really focus on. Perhaps that was your goal, I dunno, it's just what I felt hearing it. Either way it's a great track

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Thanks for the crit. Yeah, really it's more of a jam than a song as far as a theme is concerned so I know what you mean. Thanks for taking a listen.
Nice and smoooooth. Real drums!!! Wow good, nice snare sound, bass drum needs to be louder. Very good riffs. Now shes rocking up!! I really like this. Love how the guitars compliment each other so much. I like it because it's relatively simple but it's effective. Why have you got the bass drum in the left speaker and snare drum in the right speaker? Different. Nice riffs again, very really work well with the wickid improv you're doing. You've actually inspired me to do something like this! Sounds like really good driving music to me. Excellent and I enjoyed it.

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Yeah, I usually mix the drums that way because I like how it sounds. I am honoured to have inspired you! Thanks for the crit.
Dude, this stuff here is sick man. You're a truly great musician. It's definetley something you can smoke too, lol.
I really, really dig the drum track on that. It has a great, calming groove to it. I could seriously see that song in a movie.

Did you you use an octave pedal on the intro?
Sweet groove dude. This is the kind of music I chill and surf the internet too. Nice crunchy guitar riffs as well. Was that a ring modulator at 2:55? I put your page under my fav's in my browser.

Crit mine if you get a chance.
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very 70's sounding intro. bass tone is nice. bass was actually a bit loud in the intro. very jazzy. i thought the structure could improve. alot of the bass sounded a bit awkward. once you get into the groove it improves alot though. very nice ideas hear. i really like your overdriven tone.

solo was good, but it sounds like your guitar might have some intonation problems.

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mogar: yes I beleive it is! Thanks. I will crit your tune after work today.

chrisatgrace: Thanks, likely its more of a new strings going slightly out of tune thing than my intonation. The bass was the first track that I laid down so I could see how you could see it being a little awkward opposed to the other instruments. Thanks for the crit!
Thanks for the crit!

Okay, onto your piece...

Great playing/guitar tone/recording quality and all that. There's a really cool vibe and I particularly like the sense of building in first half of the song. I'm just curious... are you using a Digitech Whammy pedal for some parts of this? Anyway, there's some really interesting effects and textures in the piece.

The structure could maybe be thought out a little better but it's really just a matter of opinion. Maybe that's what you were going for in this piece. One thing I would say is that it does get a tad repetitive towards the end (although this is probably due to the fact that I'm not actually a huge fan of jams ) Maybe a contrasting section with a change in mood/atmopshere would help a lot. You nearly achieve this at around the 4minute mark but it builds up to more of the same.

Overall, I liked your piece- particularly the chilled-out introduction! I'd just say that it perhaps goes on too long for my liking. This could be down to there not being enough variation in the piece (i.e. modulation, change in dynamics etc.) or down to me having a short attention span. Either way, I thought you did a good job.

I really like it, its hard to descibe the feeling to it. Did you record all the instruments your self?
critting while listening here.

I really like the intro, I think the snare on the drums in the intro could be a tap instead of a full on snare.

I really like your OD tone for your guitar. you sound a little outta tune (might be intonation.)

there isn't much defonition on where you are in the song though you need some builds and stops and stuff.

there isn't much more to say, Good Job.

8/10 btw sound quality was VERY good.

and thanks for the crit on mine
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Yeah, you know it turns out that after checking it, the intonation on my hollowbody is out a wee bit. Shes as good as new now, thanks for the crit!
Pretty sweet stuff. I really like the bass line, sets the tone really well for everything else. I also think its awesome that I'm not the only one on UG that uses a real kit by himself, so mad props on that! The guitar playing is great, I think it would have been cool if on some those slides the delay was a bit stronger, just really great stuff though dude. Thanks for hitting mine up BTW!
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the intro riff sounds very oriental. are you playing P4 intervals within the pentatonic scale? once you get the solo going it sounds very catchy, funky. it's a very chill song and is meant for a club. nice job.

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pretty chill sounding intro, nice gradual buildup. i like the drums alot. rockin guitar part in the right speaker, sounds flawless from what i can tell. this song is just like a chill jam, like to be played at a midnight chill bondfire, or a smokey bar. the structure kinda reminds me of some SRV songs where he just kinda jams for awhile haha. you have great dynamics though everytime you decreshendo and creshendo (sp? haha)

overall sick groove man keep it up

Dude I loved it. The intro was really moody and it set the tone for the song really well.

Then when it gets into the funky bassline with the soloing over the top, it get realy groovy. I don't really listen to this type of music, but I thought it was great. Very catchy.

The one thing that bothered me, however, was that the lead guitar was just a litte bit quiet. Turn that **** up, man!

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