I recently bought the Line 6 TonePort GX. I was actually told it came with everything I needed to record, but it didn't . I got mad and I called up my local Guitar Center. The guy recommended Audacity, a free recording software.

Now that I have it, I ran into another problem... How do I record with my TonePort into it. It won't record anything, even though it says Microphone, which is also plugged in. I'm not sure which is the USB Port, but I tried all of em.

Also, anyone who does use Audacity, what is the sound quality, because while recording nothing, I got an annoying fuzzy popping sound in the background.

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Audacity has a line in selection.. Change it over to that instead of microphone and see if that works..

Also that popping isnt audacity mine is dead quiet even when using mic's. Its probally the toneport...
the popping could be the sound card.....
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It's definitely the sound card you hear...
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you should have gotten Ambition Live with that toneport...all come with it...
anyways go into the audacity prefs and set the in and out to the interface.
you need to load Gearbox before all this as it is also the driver software.

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shouldnt the toneport bypass the soundcard? or am i mistaken on what it does?
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